A warm welcome to you and thank you for taking the time to look at WIET, a revolutionary food diary that is fun, effective and social!

My name is Donato Esposito and i am the creator of WIET, which is an acronym of What I’m Eating Today.

Where this App is now, is simply a happy accident that started on 1st January 2012 as a New Year Resolution. I wanted to lose some weight, but i enjoy my food. So i thought why not start a blog of taking pictures of what i was eating each day.

5 months later, i had lost 2.5 stones, almost 15kg! Simply by following a regular healthy eating pattern.

I also lost 5 inches from my waistline.

Below are two videos. The first one is a simple 1 minute overview of the concept and principles of the WIET App and the second is one of me explaining how you can use WIET app.

In a nutshell, its like the Instagram of food and a very simple food diary.

You can download the App now here and you can be as private or as public as you want with your food diary, as WIET allows to manage each picture and how you want to share with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.

So you can keep it all private to yourself, or share for the world too see. It’s up to you! Your WIET App, your choices.


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